The Radiant Wellness Course:

From Stressed
to Blessed

Transform your life through mindset, mindfulness & movement

πŸ’» 12 on-demand online modules 

πŸ“ guide with exercises 

πŸ’ͺ access to +450 workout classes, yoga flows, meditations & guided breathwork

+ monthly live group call

πŸ‘‰ Are you ready to go from

survive to thrive?

drained to energized?

chaos to clarity?

overwhelmed to empowered?

πŸ‘‰ Are your ready to stick to your healthy habits? 

πŸ’— now for €350 instead of €500 πŸ’—

I'm ready!

I always get asked where I get my confidence & energy from & how I built my dream life...

In this 12-week course
βœ…  I share all the tools, techniques and strategies that I apply in my day to day life to show up authentically

βœ…  how I incorporate movement & mindfulness in my busy life to energise me without letting it become just another to-do

βœ… and how to find joy in the little things!


🎯 You connect with your deeper purpose, fueling your determination, motivation and allowing you to tap into loving self-discipline.

πŸ” You align your goals with your core values and get out of bed with passion & enthusiasm most mornings.

🌈 You have a vision for the life you want to lead and embody your authentic self showing up for that vision daily.

🀝 You make achievable commitments & keep the promises you make to yourself, nurturing self-pride and trust. 

⏰ You recognize stress cues early and proactively nurture yourself with movement, mindfulness, and mindset practices.

🧰 You know exactly what's in your unique self-care toolbox to support yourself through ups & downs and practice resilience.

From Stressed to Blessed: Transform your life through mindset, mindfulness & movement

This course will help you get rid of the clutter & chaos in your mind, and help you feel like your best self. 

Following my EMBRACE roadmap

βœ”οΈE: evaluate & envision

βœ”οΈM: map clarity & mindset mastery

βœ”οΈB: build resilience & balance

βœ”οΈR: routine & ritual

βœ”οΈA: adopting sticky habits & self care

βœ”οΈC: cultivate growth & reflection

βœ”οΈE: embrace transformation

πŸ’– What are people saying πŸ’–

"Absolutely life-changing!"


"Alice's course helped me find balance and clarity in the chaos of everyday life. The blend of yoga philosophy, mindset tools, and practical time management techniques was exactly what I needed. Plus, the access to hundreds of yoga and fitness classes kept me motivated and engaged throughout the journey. Highly recommend!" 

Sara M.

"Down to earth game-changer"


"I've tried numerous wellness programs before, but none compare to this course. Alice's down-to-earth approach and wealth of experience shine through every module. From stress management to self-care, I've gained invaluable tools to navigate life's challenges with ease. This course is a game-changer!"

Michelle L.

"Highly recommend"


"As someone with a hectic schedule, I struggled to find balance between work, family, and self-care. Alice's course provided me with practical strategies to prioritize my well-being without adding more stress. The variety of resources, from guided meditations to fitness classes, made it easy to integrate wellness into my daily routine. Thank you, Alice, for empowering me to embrace transformation!"

Emily S


Peak inside the modules

  1. Assessing your current situation 

  • basic human needs

  • Evaluation & exercise

  1. Finding clarity and purpose

  • wheel of life

  • the 5 why’s

  • values, passion, purpose & vision

  1. The power of mindset

  • growth vs fixed mindset

  • cultivating a growth mindset

  1. Stress management & resilience

  • what is stress

  • fight, flight, freeze or fawn response

  • difference between accute & chronic stress

  • identifying how stress shows up in your body + your coping strategies

  1. Creating sticky habits

  • how to build routines

  • the importance of consistency

  • motivation vs discipline

  • uncovering your why

  1. mastering work-life balance

  • setting boundaries

  • time management

  • communication

  • how to disconnect

  1. Movement for healing & stress relief

  • understanding how stress & trauma can get stored in the body

  • technique to process & release trauma and stress

  • somatic movement & breath

  1. Mindfulness for inner strength

  • what is mindfulness

  • mindfulness techniques

  1. Yoga philosophy for self reflection

  • the 8 limbs of yoga

  • individual self vs consciousness

  • self awareness journey

  1. Prioritizing self-care

  • how to determine priorities

  • Do/defer/delegate/delete

  • check in moments

  1. The EMBRACE framework

  • evaluate & envision

  • map clarity & mindset mastery

  • build resilience & balance

  • routine & ritual

  • adopting stick habits & self care

  • cultivate growth & reflection

  • embrace transformation

  1. Your wellness toolbox, integration, transformation & sustaining wellness

  • identifying resistance & patterns

  • keeping your toolbox updated

  • maintenance check ins

  • flexibility within structure

Bonus workshops with guest experts

-The Nutrition Workshop with orthomelucar therapist Linsday from Repeat Health

-Living in Sync with your Cycle with hormone expert Julie from Hormao

-The impact of relationships & connections on your mental & physical health with (sex)therapist Michelle Hufkens from Intimichi

-Burnout prevention & recovery with life coach Isabelle from Isabelle’s Flow

How do I get access?

‡️ here's the deal ‡️ 

Buy the course once and keep lifetime access to it!

The Radiant Wellness Course:
from stressed to blessed


βœ… 12 on-demand online video modules 

βœ… 1 monthly live group call
βœ… 4 expert guest workshops

βœ… ebook / pdf guide with homework/exercises to integrate

βœ… sheet kit (habit tracker, daily gratitude, planner, reflection, toolbox)

βœ… 3 month access to the rest of the platform -> +450 yoga, fitness & mindfulness classes

Get it now!

Hi, I'm Alice πŸ‘‹

I'm a certified yoga, fitness and mindfulness coach + life coach. I have more than 5 years of teaching experience and I know what my students struggle with, how to make effective and entertaining classes and how to help support your health & wellness journey. 

Fun facts: I'm a part time digital nomad and celebrated New Year in China, went to Australia for the first time last month, and am currently in the USA. πŸŽ† I co-parent a dog with my dad (Obi!) πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί, I have 3 sisters and I love bad holiday movies! πŸŽ„

"The RWC course exceeded all my expectations. Alice's holistic approach to wellness, incorporating mind, body, and soul, resonated deeply with me. The modules were well-structured and easy to follow, with actionable steps to implement real change. I feel more resilient and grounded than ever before. This course is a must for anyone seeking to thrive in today's fast-paced world." - Joanna P

I'm ready to thrive instead of survive!

let's go β€΅οΈ

price option <div class="editor-content"><p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733)">The Radiant Wellness Course:</span><br><em><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733)">from stressed to blessed</span></em></p></div>

The Radiant Wellness Course:
from stressed to blessed


βœ… 12 on-demand online video modules 

βœ… 1 monthly live group call
βœ… 4 expert guest workshops

βœ… ebook / pdf guide with homework/exercises to integrate

βœ… sheet kit (habit tracker, daily gratitude, planner, reflection, toolbox)

βœ… 3 month access to the rest of the platform -> +450 yoga, fitness & mindfulness classes

Here are some workout, yoga & mindfulness classes on the platform:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not happy with the course?

I want anyone who purchases this course to be happy with it! So if you feel like it's not what you expected, or it's not for you, you can get a full refund if you send an email to within 48 hours of purchasing the course. 

Are the 12 modules live or on demand?

The 12 modules are pre-recorded so on demand. That means you can take them whenever, wherever. We suggest taking 1 module a week, but you can totally decide your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to this version of the course. So you can keep coming back to it whenever you feel like you want to check in again.

About a year ago, a friend tipped me off to follow a certain Alice Avery on Instagram and to search for her yoga videos on YouTube. She told me she had benefited a lot from her yoga classes on Bodhiac.

I started following her immediately, and not long after, I also subscribed to Bodhiac and enrolled in the Radiant Wellness Course. That decision colored my entire year.

It was a tough year, and Alice helped me by being who she is and doing she does. I felt empowered to pause, reflect, and through the course & platform, I discovered the power of movement and meditation to heal and sustain.

I even feel a slight fondness for certain forms of fitness now, which I never thought possible. When I think about what I'm grateful for, I can say that I'm very grateful for that tip from my friend and everything that followed from it!

<div class="editor-content"><p>Janthe B.</p></div>,

Janthe B.

Move with me whenever, wherever.

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