Barre - HIIT - Yoga @Barrefit®️ Gracia

Saturday 16 September / 3pm-5.30pm

A 90 minute blend of barre, HIIT and yoga providing you with the perfect mix of strength, cardio and flexibility! Followed by a free tea and group conversation about mindfulness and mindset. Taught by guest coach and BarreFit certified instructor, Alice (@thealiceavery).

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Hi, I'm Alice and I'm the head-coach and co-founder of I'm a certified fitness instructor (National Academy of Sports Medicine), have a 200h yoga teacher training certificate and just completed my BarreFit barre certification.

My passion for movement started at a very young age, and only grew when I lived in New York for 6 years. That's where I got certified as a coach but also did my Bachelors Degree in music & theater. Your body is your instrument and in order for it to work well, you have to treat it well. I am so passionate about helping people find joy in movement and that's my mission with my workshops, retreats, courses, and online membership.

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