GOFLUO lands in NYC! 🗽

Join us for a run in Central Park and a post workout snack to celebrate GOFLUO's arrival in the USA.

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9 November - 6.30pm - 
Le Pain Quotidien in
Central Park, NYC

Meet up at 6.30pm by the LPQ in CP (69th st), from there we'll go for a approx 5km run, followed by a post workout snack. You will receive your own GOFLUO reflective bodyglower (worth 80$)!

Choose your reflective gear!

Included in your $25 ticket is the guided run,
a reflective jacket and your post workout snack. (After signing up we will contact you to confirm your bodyglower & size).

Meet your coach

Alice is a yoga & fitness coach with a passion for running and fashion! With multiple certificates and a ton of experience, she will give you a short warm-up, guide you through the 5k run and finish with a short post run stretch. 

She is the founder of Bodhiac.com, an online platform with more than 400 online classes in yoga, fitness & mindfulness. Scroll down to get access to your free "yoga for runners" class! Get to know her better @thealiceavery.

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Your $25 ticket includes your reflective jacket, guided run & post workout snack!

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Who is GOFLUO?

GOFLUO bridges the gap between the functionality of reflective outerwear and a cheerful design aesthetic. Founded in Belgium in 2018, the brand was built based on the belief that high-vis wear is necessary, but not necessarily in the form and shape we know it. GOFLUO goes beyond “regular safety vests”. We create bodyglowers. Our products have features that elevate a regular safety vest to a clothing piece you consider part of your wardrobe. GOFLUO started its US expansion in 2022, landing its first FTE in NYC in November 2023.

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