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"These 5 past days at the Bodhiac retreat were amazing. A beautiful location, delicious food, positive vibes only."

<p>Annelies</p>, <p>-Bodhiac Retreat</p>


-Bodhiac Retreat

"I really enjoy Bodhiac! It's changing my life. Alice is great and the quality of the recordings as well as the studio is professional. This is the perfect combination.

I discovered Bodhiac via my employer, Cegeka and I'm really happy to continue the journey."

<p>Marie</p>, <p>-Cegeka Employee (Bodhiac Challenge)</p>


-Cegeka Employee (Bodhiac Challenge)

"It was just what I needed and I think it's a nice initiative of A.S.Adventure. I didn't know Bodhiac and it was a great introduction."

<p>Kelly</p>, <p>Retail Concepts Employee (Bodhiac Challenge)</p>


Retail Concepts Employee (Bodhiac Challenge)

Package 1: Unlimited access to our online platform

We offer more than 200 classes in yoga, fitness and mindfulness on Classes range from 5 to 60 minutes and you can take them at anytime, from anywhere.

Treat your employees to a free membership and let them discover the world of yoga, fitness and mindfulness on their own tempo.

Package 2:
The Health & Wellness Challenge

What's included in this 4-week challenge

A unique bundle of classes
A unique bundle of classes

The classes (yoga, fitness & guided meditations) are tailor-made to your employees needs. The bundle is hosted on our secure and reliable platform.

A challenge calendar
A challenge calendar

Your personalized calendar will tell your team when to do which workout. It feels so good to check off every day.

1 live class online or at the office (weekly or monthly option)
1 live class online or at the office (weekly or monthly option)

Between the pre-recorded classes in the bundle, it's fun to do 1 live class (zoom, MS Teams,...) per week, so they can see each other work hard and do some teambuilding!

<p>Daily motivation</p>

Daily motivation

Your employees will receive daily email (or updates on your intranet) with motivation, inspiration and more information about the class of the day.

Good to know about our challenge

Okay, you've heard about the basics, what else do you need to know:

All pre-recorded classes are taught in english

Employees from all locations can join since the classes are taught in English

The live classes can be taught in English or Dutch

The choice is yours

Personalized welcome video and communication

Your team will receive a personalized welcome video and get daily communication to fit their needs

Technical, functional and motivational expertise

High quality sound and video, no hiccups during the challenge, this will be smooth sailing for you and your team

Benefits of the challenge

Not only will your employees get physically stronger, but here are some other benefits

Increase productivity

It's no secret that mindfulness and exercise are productivity boosters.

INCREASE employee wellbeing

Since Covid started there is a spike in burnout rates. Mindfulness, yoga and exercise are scientifically known to reduce anxiety, stress and depression and increase physical and mental wellbeing.

Increase teamspirit and brand loyalty

Grow the community feeling during this challenge and the appreciation for your brand and company.

Challenge Case Study 1: Cegeka

  • Cegeka is a European IT-company with locations in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy & Romania with around 5000 employees.

  • More than 150 employees from different countries actively participated in the Health & Wellness Challenge. We hosted the challenge via their Teams platform. Instead of daily emails, they received daily posts with a link to the workout on their Bodhiac bundle, and a weekly live class via Teams.

Challenge Case Study 2: Retail Concepts

  • Retail Concepts is the mother company of A.S.Adventure, Juttu, Yaya and The North Face. With more than 1000 employees, more than 130 of them from Belgium, France & Luxembourg, actively participated in the challenge.

  • Employees received daily emails (we use Mailchimp) with a link to the workout on their Bodhiac bundle, and a weekly live class via Zoom.

Why your company needs this challenge

Discover why your employees
benefit from this challenge

Hurdle 1: Teleworking makes it hard for employees/employers to connect with their team.

Community building is hard in Covid-times.

Solution 1: Our weekly live classes are a great form of teambuilding. We can also provide a safe space (private group) where the team can share experiences, post workout selfies, ... to support each other during this challenge.

Hurdle 2: Working out from home is hard especially when we're already doing so much from home.

A live class once a week is fun, but employees aren't motivated to move their bodies during the rest of the week.

Solution 2: Our pre-recorded workouts that employees receive access to in their bundle will keep entertain them throughout the week. Our daily check-ins will provide them with all the motivation needed.

Hurdle 3: Setting boundaries while working from home can be difficult which is very tasking on your employees mental and physical health.

Solution 3: We provide morning and evening classes which can offer moments to disconnect, this will only increase your team's wellbeing and productivity. + Your team gets access to a bonus series "the desk quickies", these are perfect to do during a short break to relieve neck and upper back pain, ...

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Other companies we've worked with



Cegeka (Belgium, The Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Germany)

Retail Concepts (Belgium, France, Luxembourg)



Package 3: Teambuilding Workshops, Events & Retreats

We love to take our online experience, offline at times. Especially when we can reach a group of people who would regularly not get in contact with mindfulness and movement.

From classes and games incorporating movement and mindfulness, to workshops & presentations, we can find the formula that suits your team.

We can even organize a retreat in the hills of Malaga, Spain. Rooms, catering & classes included. With the option of business workshops by the 2 powerhouses who own the location we will stay at. One is a business angel and venture partner with an expertise in start-ups and a background at McKinzie, and the other an ex senior sales director at Niké, who also has a background at McKinzie and now focuses on start ups in the VR realm.

The retreat could be an immersive teambuilding week(end), with yoga, fitness, mindfulness, horsebackriding, hiking and business workshops that are tailored to your need (organization, project management, communication, ...).

Checkout the after-movie from our last retreat and take a closer look at the beautiful location in Malaga, Spain.

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What is Bodhiac?

An online platform bringing yoga, fitness & mindfulness into your home.

BODHIAC is initiative of a team of fitness professionals and experience experts in health and wellness.

Who is Bodhiac?

Bodhiac was founded in 2020 by Alice Avery Van Heuven.

Alice Avery Van Heuven

Bachelor in music, theater & screenwriting, certificates in personal training & yoga teacher training. Lived in NYC for 6 years. Coach, social media host for Eleven Sports, actor, singer & free creative spirit

Why we created Bodhiac

During the first lockdown many of Alice's students requested online classes. We discovered how hard it is to find high quality videos and classes online.

Most online platforms only offer yoga or only offer fitness. Bodhiac is a one stop only, since we offer yoga, and fitness and mindfulness.

Bodhiac Launch

We launched Bodhiac in November 2020 on Black Friday. In one day we immediately had 50 happy members.


+350 happy Bodhiac members sign on almost every day to take a class with us.

Corporate Journey

We started our corporate programs after the demand started growing.

High Quality Sound & Video

Quality is important to us, first of all the quality of teaching, but also the quality of sound and video.

Our values and philosophy

We believe that moving your body can be fun. Finding that perfect mix of activity & recovery, yang & yin is key in a balanced happy and healthy life.

Sustainable, Achievable & Accessible

We are a big believer in quickies. Classes from 10-30 minutes fit in almost every schedule.

We offer classes for all levels, beginner and advanced.

Inclusive & Holistic

For M/F/X, all ages and all bodies. We also offer prenatal classes.

We believe in a holistic approach, which means mind, body & soul.

Open Growth Mindset

We are a big proponent of open & growth mindsets and even offer some classes on this.

Self love & Self care

Moving your body can come from a place of love and as a form of self care. We don't promote weight loss programs, and we do believe in the power of physical activity on mental health.

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​​Stream Bodhiac on any of your devices, wherever you are. Access your workouts from your desktop, phone, tablet and TV.

Available for TV platforms and apps

A cheerleader for your team

Our classes are anything but boring! We aim to motivate, inspire and entertain your team.

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