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"Thanks for the motivation! I love the challenges and can't wait to keep up the 20 minutes of movement a day with Alice in the future!"



"I love that I can take classes on this platform while I'm vacation! I just did a booty band workout in my hotel room! 🎉"



"The variety is great and keeps me motivated. I'm already on class 16 this month!"



Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm the founder & head-coach of I'm a certified fitness instructor (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a 200h yoga teacher training certificate and multiple other certifications. 

My passion for movement started at a very young age, and only grew when I lived in New York for 6 years. That's where I got certified as a coach but also did my Bachelors Degree in music & theater. Your body is your instrument and in order for it to work well, you have to treat it well. I am so passionate about helping people find joy in movement and that's my mission with this online platform.

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Why movement matters

After just 10 minutes of movement you feel better due to a release of endorphins

Movement increases the connections between the nerve cells in the brain which improves memory and helps protect your brain against injury and disease

Exercising regularly reduces stress, depression and anxiety

Exercise and mindfulness release chemicals like serotonin which can reduce feelings of loneliness

Moving your body pumps blood to your brain which can help you think more clearly and more focused

Moving regularly can reduce the risk of illnesses like heart and lung disease, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, diabetes, ...

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You can log on and take your class anytime and from anywhere. We offer classes ranging from 5 minutes - 60 minutes, so you can easily schedule them in to fit your needs and timing.


When you are part of our community, you will receive motivation through weekly newsletters, of course during the classes but also on our social platforms, during our challenges, live classes and on our community page.


From dance cardio & pilates to HIIT workouts and kickboxing, ashtanga yoga to bedtime yin yoga, there is something for everyone on our platform. You will not get bored or feel limited in your choices.

busy bee

You have a full schedule and don't have any time to waste. Well with your virtual studio on wide variety of quickie classes, you have no excuses left. No travel time lost to and from the gym, let's go!

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