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Next to our Monthly & Yearly Membership where you get all-access to our on-demand classes. We now offer a PT Membership, with extra guidance. Discover more below.

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​​More Than An Online Platform

We offer high quality yoga, fitness & mindfulness classes, and now want to give you extra support and guidance.

βœ… Monthly One-On-One Calls (ENG/NL)

During our 20 minute one-on-one calls we will pin point your needs, set goals and decide together what you want to work on and what you need some extra help with. We will look back at the month and together create a schedule that is effective and realistic. We'll chat about anything that you need help with, regarding fitness, the classes, mental guidance, etc.

βœ… Personalized Workout Plan

Following our call, we will create the perfect workout plan for you. You will receive a unique bundle of pre-recorded online classes and calendar that will tell you which class to do when. This will be tailor-made to your needs!

βœ… Weekly Check-Ins

Your coach will check in with you weekly via mail and/or text and is on standby for you when you need them!

βœ… +200 yoga, fitness & mindfulness classes

Next to your workout plan, you'll also have unlimited access to our +200 classes in yoga, fitness and mindfulness. In case you'd like to add a bedtime meditation, or have an urge to do a dance cardio!

Meet Your Coach

Coach Alice is the head-coach and founder of

She has a personal trainer certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a certified yoga instructor. She also holds a Bachelors Degree in liberal arts, more specifically with a major in music & theater, and she brings her performance background to her workouts.

She loves teaching private classes and group classes in person and online! And is all about helping you find the fun and joy in your movement routine.

What happens when you subscribe to the PT membership

  1. Hit subscribe and get access to our PT membership + our entire catalog of on-demand classes.

  2. You will receive an email with a link to a questionnaire.

  3. After filling out the questionnaire, your coach will contact you to schedule your first one-on-one video call.

  4. After your video call, your coach will send you your personalized workout plan (schedule + video bundle).

  5. Every week you will receive a text/email from your coach to check in - what's working, what's not, and support for any questions.

  6. Every month you have a new 20 minute video call to review your goals, progress and ask all the questions you want. Then you will receive your new personalized workout plan.

Flexible Pricing

Choose the membership that best suits your needs

price option <p>PT Membership (3 months)</p><p><br><span class="italic">Discount available in Dec/Jan - scroll down to redeem it! </span>πŸŽ‰</p>

PT Membership (3 months)

Discount available in Dec/Jan - scroll down to redeem it! πŸŽ‰


Your Bodhiac PT membership + unlimited access to all of our content.

€90 / month

price option <p>Monthly (regular membership)</p>

Monthly (regular membership)


This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content monthly
price option <p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" >​​Yearly&nbsp;(regular membership)</span></p>

​​Yearly (regular membership)


This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content annually

Is the PT membership for me?


If you stick to a workout plan for a week or two but then start losing discipline and skip your classes, then this is for you!

Your coach will make sure you know what your goals are, why you have them, and will check in to see how your workouts are going. (ps, yes she can see which classes you are taking online!)

During your monthly calls, we will discuss which limiting beliefs are blocking you and how we can create a plan that makes you happy and feel supported.

2. Motivation

If you can't find the motivation to move your body and have a hard time getting started or quit a few weeks in, then the PT membership is for you!

Your coach will make sure your personalized plan has classes that you will enjoy, support your goals and fit realistically into your schedule + will be your private cheerleader!

Weekly texts/mails will remind you of the commitment you made to yourself, and during the one-on-one calls there will be plenty pep talks given!

3.Tailor-made Workout Plan

If you have a hard time making movement part of your routine, just like taking a shower is a routine, because you don't like certain classes or have a specific schedule or ... then this is for you!

We believe in a holistic approach, so it is more than just the workouts. We will also suggest certain mind workouts and mindfulness classes.

Your coach will create the workout plan that supports your goals and needs after your one-on-one calls.

4.Specific Goals

You know what you want to work on and your coach will give you the tools to reach your goals in the most effective, realistic and sustainable way.

Together, you will decide on a workout plan that feels right for you. Weekly check-ins and monthly calls will make sure that you are on the right track, and will give extra motivation, guidance and support where needed.

Workout with your coach anytime, anywhere

Watch your classes on your laptop, phone, iPad or TV!

Available for TV platforms and apps

Start your Bodhiac PT journey right now!

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