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Bodhiac.com offers on-demand classes that you can take whenever, wherever. We also host challenges, specific series & bundles, how-to's, mind workouts (for instance: "Mindfulness", "Body Positivity", "Gratitude", "Massive Action",...)

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Benefits of physical activity for students

Achieve your academic potential and support your development of life-long healthy habits from the comfort of your own dorm!

Better Focus

Exercise improves concentration, memory and information retention. You can perform better and learn more during classes.

Better Academic Performance

Studies show that students who are physically active get better grades. These students also perform better on standardized tests and have higher graduation rates.

Improves School Attendance

Students who participate in regular physical activity are less likely to get sick and be absent. The immune system gets stronger and ready to fight illnesses better.

Reduces anxiety & depression

Activity helps release endorphins, feel-good hormones, that help reduce stress therefore relieving feelings of anxiety and depression.

Better sleep

Students that participate in physical activity get better sleep and achieve a deeper sleep that helps their body to recover from exercise. Better sleep increases their ability to focus or concentrate their energy levels, and better manage stress.

It is fun!

It's important for all students to just have fun! Finding an activity a you enjoy and find pleasure in will help increase the likelihood of you participating in physical activity later on in life.

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